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Posts from the 'Case Studies' category

Petitioning a debtor into bankruptcy. Will it cost the creditor?

2013-10-16 19:02:53


I have a couple of questions with respect to Involuntary Bankruptcy or petitioning a debtor into bankruptcy:

1.  Does the debtor pay for the bankruptcy or does the petitioner?or Will it cost the creditor?

2. Are the terms for discharge etc the same as a voluntary bankruptcy?



With regards to petitioning someone (i.e. a person) into bankruptcy, you have to...[more]

When are Contractors Considered to be Employees by Canada Revenue Agency?

2013-11-14 00:21:42

When are Contractors Considered to be Employees by Canada Revenue Agency?

 A decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) may have sent shivers down the backs of employers who have had long standing relationships with what they feel are “independent contractors”.  These types of relationships can be at odds with the view of the Canada Revenue Agency( "CRA").

The decision in McKee v. Reid’s Heritage Homes Ltd. clarifies...[more]

Addiction, Gambling and Personal Bankruptcy

2013-12-16 21:08:59

 Addiction, Gambling and Personal Bankruptcy Where addiction is concerned, it is often difficult to break free from a vicious and destructive cycle. Take gambling, for example; those who have gambled themselves into insolvency or personal bankruptcy may breach the terms of their bankruptcy by continuing to gamble, subsequently finding...[more]

Mandatory Counselling Program Report

2014-06-02 19:15:06

All insolvency filings in Canada are administered under the ­Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. Bankruptcy Trustees are licensed and regulated professionals who do the actual administration, and they report directly to the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) Canada.  The BIA sets out the rules and procedures that Trustees and bankrupts must abide by. One of these rules is mandatory counselling.

  Once a debtor assigns into bankruptcy they must attend a minimum of two mandatory counselling sessions over the term of their bankruptcy.  The...[more]