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"I now feel that I can answer the phone and open my mail without being concerned with who was on the other end looking for money. "
~Ginger - Victoria

"Who knew that the bankruptcy process was so easy?! "
~Samantha - Saanich

About Debt Solutions Victoria:

Debt Solutions Victoria!

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Do you find yourself overwhelmed with money problems?  Are you having difficulty dealing with a mountain of debt?  Are you considering a consumer proposal or bankruptcy?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we’re here to help you.

Debt Solutions Canada is part of  C.E. Craig and Associates Inc., located in Victoria BC, Canada, our professional team will help you to understand all the options available to successfully solve your financial situation. .  Since 1994 we have helped hundreds of clients just like you to regain peace of mind and make a fresh start through informed credit counseling process including a consumer proposal or personal bankruptcy.

We know that realizing that you are experiencing financial problems is a hard thing to do and can sometimes leave you feeling that you have no control.  At C.E Craig & Associates Inc., we believe that knowing where you stand is the first step to recovering financial control. Let us help you gain control of your debts and understand your options.

Start by scheduling a meeting with and Insolvency Professional to discuss the solution best suited to your personal financial situation. The initial consultation is free and there is no pressure or obligation for you to make an immediate decision. We do not share any of your financial information with your creditors or credit bureaus unless you give us permission to do so.

Once you are in debt, solutions can seem far off and remote.  But there are many Canadian debt repayment options available including:

Our Trustees in Bankruptcy and Personal Debt Counselors are available to assist you in identifying your options and forming a plan to get you a fresh financial start.  In many cases there are options other than bankruptcy. As part of our service, we carefully review your financial situation and then explain your options in detail.  You will then be able to make an informed choice as to what actions you wish to take to resolve your financial problems.

We have the expertise to find the solution best suited to you.  We are just an email away and the Initial Consultation is always FREE

Whether you're facing a specific bankruptcy issue or have questions that only a bankruptcy trustee can properly answer, Debt Solutions Canada and C.E. Craig & Associates Inc. are here to help. As a Licensed Bankruptcy Trustees serving the Greater Victoria community, including Sooke, Duncan, Mill Bay, and the Gulf Islands, we are committed to providing quality information about filing bankruptcy in British Columbia and the alternatives to bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy is NOT the only Solution.

We realize that you’re looking for people you can trust to be discreet, professional, and give you the right advice.  We are committed to providing you with expert, effective and efficient service.

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